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Welcome to T & A Girl Ranch Part Two

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Our demented and fucking HOT tale continues! Addie becomes a good and docile meat girl as she is kept on the drug that turns girls into cows like the other meat girls. She is branded and accepted into the herd. The girls continue to play and eat. When one is selected for slaughter there are warm good-byes and well wishing. But when the Boss Lady, played by Caprise Logan, comes over, she chooses a still slender Addie for slaughter becasue some high-falootin' customers have requested her for their table. Addie is taken to the pen to clean out. One of the other girls is in the pen already, (Coroin Peachach), and is VERY upset. She is taken for slaughter right before Addie's eyes. As Addie comes off the drug she starts to realize her fate and freaks out! But it is too late,. The Boss Lady and her ranchers lead the distressed Addie to slaughter and giver her the hammer!

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