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Our Parody Story of Joker,(Brock Avery) and his moll Harley, (Agatha Delicious) starts out one sunny afternoon in the duo's home sweet hideout. Harley is home waiting for her Puddin' to bring her a surprise. Mr. J. comes home with a kicking, whimpering little church girl, (Jeze Belle). The insane pair decide they will play with her for a bit and then slaughter her. Dirty little Jeze cries and begs but secretly enjoys all the attention, even as she is treated and talked to like a a piece of meat. Harley makes sure Jeze sucks her man's cock good n' hard. But soon, a jealous Harley fumes as Mr. J. pays the new brat more attention, fucking her up, down and sideways like a little rag doll. But little does Jeze know that her fate is about to get much worse...because when Harley feels that another bitch is coming between her and her man, she will get monstrous on their ass! Stay tuned for part two!

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