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The misadventures of the Canntastic Three continues! (And now two heroines of the Three have been eaten! What will happen to the third...?THAT is a tale for another time!) Addie Juniper, The Girl Wonder and Invisotit's loyal sidekick, has gone to the planet DeVore to find Invisitits. Little does the young heroine know that Invisotits has been eaten by Queen Carnivoria and that Queen Cannabis,(Agatha Delicious), Carnivoria's sister, is waiting for Addie to show up.....for DESSERT! Addie Juniper is caught, stripped, teased, inspected and tied up by the evil reptilian Queen Cannabis, who then takes her to her kitchen and starts to prep her to be a sidekick banana split. Cannabis LOVES to eat sexy sidekicks for dessert. Since she got to have a taste of Invisotits...Cannabis knows that Addie will be just as delicious, if not sweeter! And yes, you guessed it, the banana is going right into the Addie's adorable pussy!

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