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(POV) In this humorous story, Agatha Delicious and Jolene Hexx play two high powered executive women who have found themselves in an odd and scary predicament. These two business bitches fell asleep on a flight to Europe and woke up stuck in a huge, dark cavern. Both girls awaken with massive headaches and no recollection of what happened, other than the fact that they have important business meetings to attend and that they do not know where they are. Jolene recalls now that their idiot secretary booked them on this flight...and then she remembers hearing something about giants being spotted in parts of Europe. To the girl's horror, an actual GIANT suddenly appears and laughs as he explains that he has been saving them for a special feast! Jolene and Agatha try to bargain and reason with the giant, but he is having none of it as he forces them to strip so that he can further inspect his dinner!

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