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(POV) Our comical tale continues. The Giant has, despite Jolene and Agatha's offers and compromises, forced them both to strip and go to his kitchen to prepare themselves as his dinner! The Giant forces the two girls to baste themselves on a giant slice of pizza hat he plans of roasting in his oven with a nice topping of girl meat on it! Jolene tries to convince the Giant to eat Agatha instead of her and Agatha tries to convince the Giant to eat Jolene instead. Both girls argue and grow quite catty as they baste each other. They start to enjoy themselves, too, as they revel in how tasty they are. But finally the Giant grows tired of their catty chit chat and forces them to gag each other with apples. He also forces them to 69 each other and as they lay, glistening in butter on pizza, he turns the heat up and roasts them alive for his supper! Looks like these snooty, millionaire bitches are nothing but menu items now! The Giant finishes by throwing the women's bones in a pile and describing how delicious they both were.

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