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Part one of an erotic and kinky tale of witchcraft, wishes, and sexy genies, I Dream of Ruby features the beautiful and virginal Ruby Sparx and gorgeous Lynn Vega together. Lynn Vega, being a cunning and horny witch, decides that she wants to summon her genie from her magical lamp and get some wicked wishes granted. When obedient Ruby is brought forth and ready to obey her mistress's every command, Lynn's fun really begins. For the witch's first wish, she desires that her sweet young genie unveils herself fully to her, showing off her supple curves and tight, delicious pussy. Spunky and giggly Ruby does so, eager to please and laughing as her mistress approves.. Once the witch has a chance to inspect her new slave, her second wish is for both her and her genie to taste each other. But before Ruby can earn this privilege, she must worship her mistress's long stocking-ed legs and sexy high heeled feet, removing the heels and also worshiping Lynn's curvy heels, soles and toes. Now it is time for eager Ruby to lick her mistress and bring her to the height of orgasm. But our tale does not stop here...our fun becomes more interesting and twisted as the story continues. Stay tuned for part 2!

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