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Lynn is getting the head of her life from her new genie, Ruby Sparx, who savors and licks and worships her mistress's pussy like it is the most delicious thing she has ever tasted. Lynn now decides to taste her slave and commands her to spread her sweet thighs. The witch then tastes her young slave, lapping up her untouched juices. Ruby the genie has never had a man take her and this is her first woman. But soon she starts to orgasm from the skill of the witch's tongue. The witch now wants her third wish granted, and that is to truly be able to fuck her little slave, Ruby. Lynn commands this, and Ruby obeys, granting the witch a huge cock to fuck her with. Lynn is amazed and delighted by this new cock of hers. Squealing and moaning, the genie takes every inch of her mistress's new member begging for more and obeying when Lynn demands that Ruby sucks it. The witch orgasms in the genie's cum hungry mouth as she laps up all the witch's orgasm with a hungry little mouth. Stay tuned for more in part 3! And remember, there is no real way to please an evil witch. And witches always want more..

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