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Well, Lynn Vega, the most powerful sorceress in the land, has used up all her wishes. She has enjoyed her little genie, Ruby Sparx, and although the slave is an amusing diversion, the witch really has no purpose for her anymore. Companionship is not a need of a witch, but dinner is. Like all evil witch's, there is nothing more delicate and tender to Lynn's palette than GIRLMEAT. Poor, loyal Ruby is tasted one last time, to assure ripeness, as the witch reveals her plans to Ruby. Ruby realizes now why the witch has been pampering her and tenderizing her. She begs her mistress to keep her, but she can serve no better purpose to the witch now. Ruby is taken to the witch's kitchen. She is tenderized some more by the witch, who gazes at Ruby hungrily, licking her lips. Ruby is basted and stuffed with a large carrot before she roasts alive in the witch's oven!(Oven scene shown).

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