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Poor little Alexis Blaze was on a field trip with her college class in the dark, uncharted forests on the Island of Gumbachopchop when things went terribly wrong. She strayed from her class and suddenly found herself caught in a primitive trap, hanging upside down from a tree and helpless. A savage barbarian tribe took Alexis to their lair and caged her. And now, the savage queen of the tribe, Agatha Delicious, has come to taunt and inspect her young captive. This is when Alexis realizes just what is in store for her. And she is terrified! Agatha decides to roast the girl ALIVE over a hot fire. Alexis struggles and argues and begs as she turns red and golden brown. Agatha revels in the girl's tasty body, her sweet pussy, tender breasts, shapely feet and meaty thighs and rump. Alexis is well basted and groped as she roasts. It is indeed a savage spitroast and shall be a true feast!

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