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Bratty little Tegan Trex has been very naughty in school. In fact, she called the lunch lady, Gertrude, a troll! How rude! And ironic. The Head Mistress Eliza Allure calls Tegan in to her office to give her a good spanking. But that is not the only plan that Eliza has for this little slut. Eliza takes Tegan to the cafeteria to apologize to the lunch lady...but Gertrude is not there yet. So Eliza decides that she will surprise the lunch lady with a special treat that the whole faculty can share...the roasted, plump rump of bratty Tegan! Tegan is slowly stripped and complains as Eliza laughs and slaps and pinches her plush little body, talking about how juicy her parts are. Then she forces Tegan into a giant pan where Tegan learns that Eliza AND the entire faculty are all TROLLS! Eliza prepares Tegan for the oven, tasting her sweet pussy meat and tenderizing her fat little ass as she shoves an apple in her mouth, bastes her, and makes her little piggy cum one last time!

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