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This whole last year, Shay Fox has been preparing a girl for a X-mas feast. she is going to show us all at home her methods on her prime time special, 'Cooking with Shay', which airs every week on the W.E. channel. In our first episode, Shay explains that she wants to serve a nice, big fat girl for her holiday feast, but that she will start her project now, at the beginning of the year, with a slim girl so that Shay can fatten her up over the next few months. This way Shay knows that the meat is good quality and fed the best feed to ensure the right flavor and marbling. Shay also believes strongly in cage fattening. Shay selects a girl named Kayla, (played by Zoey Laine, Aria Anderson and Alexis Allure), to be her subject for this demonstration. Kayla is shoved into a cage and every time he protests she is gagged with an apple. But then Shay takes the apple out to allow the girl to eat. Kayla of course is reluctant at first, but when Shay tricks her captive into drinking a special formula, Kayla becomes suddenly piggish and ravenous. In the next segment, Kayla has gotten much plumper. It is now September. Shay is very excited to show her audience how Kayla is coming along. Poor Kayla can hardly wobble out of the cage as Shay orders her to come out so that the viewers can get a better look at how fat she has gotten. Kayla is forced to clumsily get up on the table after Shay squeezes and tests the girl's flesh all over for progress. Then she decides to gaga her with the apple again to see how it looks. After all, presentation is everything...But Shay is not satisfied and it is not December yet, so Kayla is forced back into the cage for the next few months. when the holiday finally comes around, Kayla is quite rotund and has been stuffing herself with sweets and goodies like a good pig. She still has no clue why this woman has been fattening her up on national television. But Kayla is about to find out her awful fat as she is taken out and inspected happily by Shay one last time before being pushed up onto the prep table, (no east feat), and now oiled up by Shay who will now show her audience how to truly prepare the piggy once she is fat enough. Suddenly, Kayla realizes what Shay's purpose for her it...and that she will be the main course of a giant feast! But by now, Kayla is helpless. Shay has given her a special serum to make her muscles freeze in one spot while she rests, plump and pretty, in piggy pose on the table while Shay gaga her with the apple and finishes prepping her for her audience and the oven.

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olivier B
2016-12-22 06:46:26