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Nadia White has arrived to tutor bratty teen Anastasia Rose. Anastasia has no clue what she is in for. the last tutors could not break her will. But Nadia is known for being a stern bitch. Nadia rips Anastasia's phone out of her little hand and flings her over her knee, giving the girl a good spanking. Then she wacks Anastasia with her ruler. Anastasia is forced to recite her lessons out loud as she is punished.Then, Nadia puts Anastasia in the iron stocks to paddle her slutty little ass. At the end of the lesson, the girl is fucked hard by Nadia, bringing her to an undeserving orgasm. Anastasia is finally tamed and will heed her new Mistress, Nadia. Be sure to check out part Two "Private Tutor 2: Spitted Brat"

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olivier B
2017-02-01 09:42:42