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Poor Serena Blair is trapped in Agatha's dark dungeon. Agatha is an evil witch who plans on tormenting her school-girl prey before punishing her ad then eating her. It was pretty easy to catch this little treat after school. Now Serena does not stand a chance as we watch from Agatha's deranged POV. Agatha forces the shy girl to undress in the cage. Serena is then forced to explore her virgin pussy in front of the witch as she is humiliated. Serena is then gagged and paddled well by the witch, crying and drooling in desperation and torment as she surrenders her flesh and mind to Agatha. Agatha is now ready to prepare the girl for her feast. Serena is taken to the kitchen and basted well as she squirms. Serena then wiggles away in the hot oven as she cooks alive.

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