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A little POV fun! I, Agatha, take the camera as I interview two applicants for the master girl chef who is my boss. I know his tastes and this will be a tough decision. The two applicants, Jolene Hexx and Alexis Blaze, are incredible edible and both have amazing asses, which I inspect as I interview them. I let the girls know that the one will be picked to be my su chef, and the other will end up being the entree. Alexis did not realize this, and Jolene teases her for not reading the job description thoroughly. It is fun to watch the cattiness and banter between these two, but soon enough I silence them. The choice for su chef is Jolene, who is quite qualified. Bratty Alexis has to be the entree and is miffed as Jolene gloats. Jolene happily strips Alexis, who is testy but complies, and remarks cattily on her meaty, juicy body. Alexis is put int he table on her belly, the classic piggy position, and Jolene starts to demonstrate to me to prove her qualifications as she bastes Alexis. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

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