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Anastasia Rose is starting to accept her fate as she orgasms over and over again. The audience cheers as her tasty, succulent body is prepared and described by her sister Nadia and out Head Chef Hostess, Tasia. We cut to a commercial break on the W.E. channel. And we watch a little infomercial presented by Olivia Rose as she sells tender young cunt filets to the audience. After our commercial break, we return to the show. Tasia now readies the sweet little roast for the oven. Nadia watches as her sister cooks alive. We watch at home as Anastasia turns golden and juicy and cooks in her own flavor and orgasms. Then, after Anastasia is gone, Tasia has ANOTHER surprise for the audience! Nadia is to be cooked up too! Her dad wants it this way, and so do we! Nadia is NOT prepared for this, however, and begs and sobs over her fate as she is tied up, basted and prepared by Tasia as this weeks episode of Tasia's Treats comes to an end!

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