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Get ready for a tale that twists and turns in all kinds of tantalizing directions. Violet October is new to the neighborhood. She is welcomed by naughty little Arielle Aquanus. Arielle happens to be an incredible chef and invites Violet over to her place for steak. On the way to Arielle's place they run into Tina(played by Pear), the nosy, judgmental, and overly zealous lady who lives next door. Tina is openly against Arielle's lifestyle, both in what she cooks and apparently more about Arielle's lifestyle in general...But the two girls evade the nosy neighbor. Back at Arielle's house they enjoy the best steak that Violet has ever had. Soon, the two young blondes are enjoying each other for dessert. They passionately make love and Violet quickly becomes Arielle's girlfriend, spending most of her time at Arielle's place and enjoying her amazing cooking AND massages. When Violet runs into Tina again, Tina tries to warn her about Arielle....but we all know Tina is just a nosy do gooder....Rest assured more than one character and YOU are in for a surprise or two as our story takes a sinister turn for the tasty! We pull out all the stops as tender females are enjoyed, prepared, spit roasted, oven roasted, served and tasted.

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