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We all love the holidays...getting together with distant relatives. Having them over for Thanksgiving least in the Delish Media universe. Sexy Terra Mizu and dapper Liam Lockran play mom and dad to sweet Kenna James. The plan is to eat the deadbeat of the family this year, dear Cousin played by Tasia Lockran. But when it is discovered that Tasia has a new and useful job working for the underground girl processing section of Club J.P. Meats, plans change a bit. Get ready for the family tension we all know and love during the holidays, as well as a hot and taboo ride into W.E. as the plans on which girl becomes the turkey change and dinner is served! Our selected bird is turned on but afraid as she overhears the conversation on who will be chosen. Soon she transitions from fear to orgasm as she accepts her place on the family food chain.

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