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Mistress Summer Hart runs her school for slave girls with an iron fist. She calm but merciless as she trains girls to be proper pleasure and meat slaves for men. Summer welcomes 19 year old Karter Fox and gives her the run down on the way things work at her facility. She warns Karter about the dangers of the outside world and it's wild ways...and the way in which her school will teach Karter to know her place and eventually be given to a Master who will put her flesh to use. Karter must learn to embrace this. The girl nods, wanting to please, just as another young girl, 18 year old Lexi, is brought into the school to start her first day as well. Lexi and Karter are about to learn what happens to incorrigible young delinquents as Summer shows what happens to the worst of the worst. Even when wild, dirty girls try to infiltrate the facility, Mistress Summer puts her iron spit and her iron fist to use.

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