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As this fantastical fetish adventure continues, Kenna is served up well done for a Wonderland court feast. As she is enjoyed, Violet sits at the table watching in fear and fascination. But now it is time for her to take the place of Kenna as the next Alice. A variety of tilted card games commence as the White Rabbit is toyed with and punished, narrowly escaping her fate. Well, there is nothing left to do but play with the new Alice. But Violet begs them to let he play at cards, too. If she wins, she can go free. However, Violet, whether she realizes it or not, has already excepted her place and submitted to being used, spanked, tickled and prepared, tenderized, her every hole filled and used, and tasted. Violet is a true Alice; curious, naughty and hopeless in a new work of kinky madness.

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