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Bienvenue et bon app├ętit! Today's adventure involves a young girl from Bresse, France named Brittany Shae and a culinary expert she is staying with named Carmen Valentina. Brittany, who is staying with Carmen as an exchange student. Carmen explains to the girl that she has just gotten back from French Polynesia and has picked up some interesting and unorthodox cooking habits, but has learned some great recipes. Brittany mentions that she has a specialty as well, 'Poulet De Bresse', or 'chicken of Bresse'. The chickens of her region are raised specially, given a very pampered life, fed the best food and cooked in a special way to make them the most delicious chickens in the world. BUT, you cannot cook the dish without using a chicken that is FROM Bresse. This gives Carmen a great idea for a recipe that evening.....and sure enough, Carmen's influences from living in the jungle puts Brittany in for a big and tasty surprise, as well as a BIG cucumber!

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