Agatha Rides your Spit

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Category: POV, Slaves Happy to Serve, Spit Muffins
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Length: 24:14 Minutes
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Agatha Delicious has been your secretary for years, but the other day she stumbled upon the dungeon you keep under your building. Agatha is confronted by you in the office, but she knows that she is in trouble. She also wants to join the bunnies that she found in your dungeon. Agatha also knows that you are part of an elite cannibal club for the very wealthy called the Canninati and Agatha wants to be taken. She wants you to roast her over your fire and enjoy her cooked, tender flesh. Agatha has seen how you look at her every day. She is smarter than most of the dumb split tails you have hired, and that is why she made a great secretary, but know she knows too much and knows her fate. Agatha strips, showing you how tasty she is and proceeds to baste her lean, sexy body for you as she shows off her cuts. She talks about how pathetic she knows that she is. She oinks like a piggy and wants to be your piggy and she wants you to suck her so badly. Agatha then starts to pleasure herself with the spit and as she orgasms, she shoves the spit all the way into her gut,  everywhere and orgasming again and again before she roasts over the flames and turns a crispy brown for your dinner.


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1 year ago

Great clip, wonderful girl, adorable, seductive, delicate

1 year ago
Reply to  castor

Aw shucks 🙂

Lord Infamous
Lord Infamous
5 months ago

Wow I wish I had a bottle of hot sauce

Alex Soltys
Alex Soltys
2 months ago

I would fuck my dinner right now
If it were her as my meal

Last edited 2 months ago by Alex Soltys
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