Aggie’s Farm: Claiming Stock part TWO

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Abi Grace is having a hard time on the farm. Breaking her in is not easy. She wants out and she is quick and slick. However, there is no escape from the ranch. Agatha, Gavin’s wife and demented owner of the girl-ranch, has ways to persuade and discipline her stock. Abi has no choice but to submit happy and tamed Carmen. The caged and shackled meat girls are inspected and tended by Chloe and Agatha, who enjoy playing with their food. While Gavin is busy milking the other girls, Agatha and Chloe enjoy their tender property, teasing them and toying with the split-tailed piggies. Carmen’s day is coming soon. This little slut gets to wear the piggy nose as she is inspected one last time. Both Abi and Carmen have been spanked and whipped before they are branded as official livestock.


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7 months ago

I would have 2 roles in this first I’m the farmer who fucks his pork sows. And I’m the male boar with prized sow making nuts .inseminate all those sows sluts is for Daddy Hog

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