Alexxxis Allure the BAD secretary!

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Shay Fox runs a tight ship. She is the boss at her company and she only hires the most efficient secretaries. When a secretary starts to slack and get lazy, Shay finds a very good use for them. Then the boss and her ogre of a husband eat very well for a while, depending on the size of the ‘fired’ employee. Amazing BBW Alexxis Allure has been getting worse and worse at her secretary position in Shay’s office. Not only is she late all the time, but she scarfs down all the office snacks and never shares them with others. Shay has been watching this girl get plumper and lazier by the day, and finally Shay has decided to invite the secretary over to her house to discuss Alexxxis’s future at the company. Alexxxis is doing what Shay is telling her to do….taking off her clothes and even getting into a giant pan….which confuses Alexxxis but she is willing to do whatever kinky thing her sexy boss asks her to do to get a promotion. Unfortunately for plump Alexxxis, she is about to find out just what Shay has in store for her. You guessed it, this little piggy squeals and begs for her life as she is prepared and stuffed by Shay’s skillful hands like a delicious, beautiful, helpless turkey! Shay is especially wicked with her employee, and also mentions her huge, hungry ogre of a husband…and how pleased he will be to get a piece if Alexxxis. Alexxxis is gagged with an apple and roasted ALIVE, her juicy meat basting in oil and her own juices, dripping so tasty down her huge tits and meaty ass as she cooks alive.



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