Alice’s Naughty Adventures Part One

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Category: Bound Beauties, Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Punished!, Sacrifices, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 23:22 Minutes
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In our last Alice tale, Agatha was sacrificed to the mystical and kinky world of wonderland. This time, wonderland calls upon sweet, innocent little Violet October and Kenna James. But these damsels would not dream about such a land if they were not kinky themselves, and just starting to explore their naughtiness. The White Rabbit, (Tasia Lockran), pays the dreaming Violet one night and tempts the girl into pushing her limits and following her down the rabbit hole. Nervous Violet, who is dubbed ‘Alice’ by the mad little rabbit, starts to throw herself into this world as she is made to worship Whit’s sexy little rabbit’s feet while playing in a giant cauldron. As the water grows hot, so do the girls, enjoying each other’s bodies and flavors and pouring the primordial waters of the concoction over their flesh. they sink further into debauchery and suddenly Violet finds herself in the middle of a mad tea party. The Red Queen, (Olivia Rose), White Queen, (Nikki Rouge), White Rabbit, (Tasia) and Madd Hatter, (Liam Lockran) welcome the bewildered blonde into their home. Their current Alice, Kenna James, waits in a cage for her captors to finally sacrifice her. Immediately, the queens argue over what is to be done with this new Alice, but Hatter reminds the sisters that they still have another Alice…one ready to completely surrender her flesh to them…and to give herself over tor the world of kink, never to look back again. Violet is stripped and made to sit at table while sweet, innocent Kenna is taken from the cage and toyed with by the merciless Queens and Madd Hatter. She is stripped, restrained and tickled all over, inspected from her pretty face to her lovely feet. The party goers are hungry to enjoy her flesh..and devour it! It is decided that Kenna will be spit roasted alive. Violet is terrified by this new mad world she is in, but the Madd Hatter assures her that if she were not mad, as well, and deep down WANTING her fate, she would not be in wonderland. Stay tuned to for PART 2!

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