Apple for Teacher

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Category: On Sale!, POV, School Time, Women As Food
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Katharine Cane is new to the school and wants to fit in, but also wants to be a good student. When she encounters one of the bad girls, Princess Mike, Katharine is in for a surprise. Ms. Agatha, the teacher, is not in yet, and the two girls are the only ones in the classroom. Princess Mike decides to give the timid Katharine a lesbian lesson of her own. Just when the girls are in the heat of passion, Ms. Agatha comes into the classroom! The story continues from the perspective of the strict and sadistic Mistress. Agatha punishes cheeky Mike and then makes her to tie up frightened and embarrassed Katharine on the teachers desk. all of Agatha’s students know that Ms. Agatha loves apples, so Agatha has one handy. Katharine will be used as an example for the other students as Mike is obligated to tie up the girl and prepare her like a piggy for the cafeteria oven. Agatha’;s method for dealing with bad weak, easily influenced students is to send them to the cafeteria for lunch. After all, they are too dumb and easily swayed to be useful in society. Agatha is only helping our human sate and pallets.

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