Boy on Demand

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Category: Ravenous Women, Slaves Happy to Serve
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Length: 12:00 Minutes
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Pristine Edge and Summer Hart are two seductive, wicked and sexy witches. They love to lure young, innocent men into their clutches and have their way with them. Of course, they eat them in the end. Male meat, especially cock meat, keeps them young and beautiful and these witches are 100’s of years old, even if they are 26 in the flesh. Their beautiful bodies and cunning ways keep males coming into their trap over and over. Today a repair boy is coming over, (Web D.), and both witches are pleasantly surprised at the Web’s assets. The unsuspecting boy is confused and nervous as the predators touch him and slap his ass, then insist he stays for dinner. Web is stripped and the witches are very happy as they pull out his juicy cock. They drool as they play with it and get it hard, also enjoying the rest of his body. They giggle and pinch him like a piece of meat, which is exactly what he is to them, and nothing more. But these witches are not always mean about their place on the food chain. It’s just the way it is. No big deal. Males are their food and entertainment. Males are objects to be used by them in every way, and the males they catch start out struggling, but soon submit to their fate, enjoying and accepting their place. Helpless Web is the PERFECT meat for them. He squirms as a spell is put on him and starts to accept his fate. The witches wanna make his cock explode before they shove him in their oven, and they stroke him until he shoots everywhere. The witches enjoy the taste of his load, laughing that they love to play with their food before the end. Web D. is actually lucky to go like this. It is not a bad way to go.


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