Bratty Melina Grinds gets her Notice Part Two

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Category: Punished!, Taboo, Women As Food
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Length: 9:00 Minutes
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Mariah continues to baste and season her bratty girl, Melina Grinds. Melina is a defiant little bitch and her mom reminds her that it is HER FAULT for being a spoiled brat who ate too much chocolate and ended up in the pan. This is what she gets for being a useless little baggage to everyone in the family. Mariah is very pleased her girl got selected and is happy to give back to The All and to her community. Mariah also starts to notice as she prepares Melina that the delinquent girl seems to LIKE being dinner. Melina, although bratty and bitchy, giggles and enjoys being turned into a feast…her mom finds this amusing. Mariah scolds her girl for hanging out with so many boys and wonders if THEY saw her as meat like she does. After the nasty little girl is popped into the oven, she is poked and prodded by Mommy to test for deliciousness. Indeed, Melina has cooked up perfectly, all the sourness and spoiled behavior roasted out of her. She will be sweet and succulent for the All , her family and her people.


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7 months ago
excellent duo and that rump is just yum
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