Carnivorous Visitors from Planet Fangoola Part One

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Category: Featured, Monsters and Aliens, School Time, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 9:00 Minutes
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Sweet little Asia Perez is a straight A student. She never stays out late or gets in trouble. To her surprise one day, the popular girls, (lovely brunette Storm and beautiful blonde Constance), from school ask her to come hang out with them. Asia is skeptical but goes along with them. Pier pressure is a bitch, right? Asia is even more surprised when Principal Liam happens to be at Constance’s house, too. Asia is afraid she is in trouble for something but has NO idea what she is in for! Principal Liam suddenly changes into a hungry alien! He has brainwashed the weak minded mean girls into being his minions. These lovely young ladies strip and inspect Asia’s beautiful, tasty, tight and petite body. Asian is the main course. Soon the alien Queen Tasia arrives to help Liam baste and cook poor Asia on the spit as their alien subjects turn the helpless human! Asia screams and begs as she is turned slowly on the pole over a roaring fire…she is basted ALL over, from her lovely FEET to her delicious tits!


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