Caught, Caged and Cooked!

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Category: POV, Women As Food
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Length: 19:30 Minutes
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Alexis Blaze and Zoey Laine have been caught by the ravenous and infamous girl hunter Agatha. Zoey scolds Alexis for convincing her to follow her to the lake AND go diving for the dildo bait that she saw in the water…which turned out to be a trap! Zoey complains that Alexis should have known better…it is all over the news that cannibal hunters have been using dildos as bait to catch young sluts like them! Alexis scoffs at her freind. After all, she did not MAKE Zoey follow her. But here they are,. Alexis decides to come up with a plan of escape for when Agatha comes for them. Agatha has both girls display their meat fr her. But the girls suggest a special recipe to Agatha, which is all part of their secret plan to escape ans they pretend to be enthusiastic top be dinner and show each other off…however, things to not go quite according to plan when Agatha decides to have an oven bake AND a grilled girl! Find out more by watching this crazy tale unfold!

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Olivier Béland
Olivier Béland
4 months ago

One of my favorite video! Love the final position.

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