Cooking with Andrea: Strawberry Roasted Redhead

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Category: Bound Beauties, Documentaries and Cooking Shows, Great Rumps, W.E. themed, Women As Food
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Welcome to a W.E. channel exclusive, Cooking with Andrea. Andrea Rosu is a red headed and curvy chef who knows her way around the kitchen. She presents to us a lively and jovial instruction on how to prepare a fellow redhead, sexy little Alex Harper. Bratty Alex is a bored and unenthusiastic teen but perks up when Andrea informs her that she will indeed be famous. Alex is not quite sure what the show is about or why she is there, but decides to trust the diabolical hostess. Alex is confused as Andrea strips her perky little body and insists she gets up on the counter for the audience. By the time Alex realizes that her purpose is to be the main course, she is restrained and it is too late. Andrea laughs that she has a specific recipe for bratty redheads. Being a redhead herself, her husband is always threatening to use this recipe on Andrea, but Andrea is in luck that she has Alex at her disposal for this recipe. It will buy her more time as wifey instead of supper. The recipe is called strawberry roasted redhead. It calls for a creamy, silky red beauty and a whole lot of oil and strawberry sauce. Alex is basted as she complains and soon gagged with an apple to shut her up. Then she is squeezed in oil before she is poked in her rump with a big meat thermometer! Then comes the strawberry sauce and lastly, the hot oven before Alex is served up!

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