Family Fun at Club EXX

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Category: Slaves Happy to Serve, Spit Muffins, Taboo, Women As Food
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Length: 24:48 Minutes
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Kassondra Rain’s number has been called. Her mom and dad, Shay Fox and Gavin Steele, have received their girl’s notice and have escorted their girl to Club EXX to be prepared and spit roasted. Kassondra is very nervous, but her parents coax her and assure her that it will be ok. It will be a great honor and she is lucky. Agatha Delicious is at the club, ready to be spitted as well. He number was finally called after years of waiting, and she is excited. Agatha comforts Kassondra and assures her that it is very pleasurable to be spit roasted. She has seen other girls cum on the spit over and over. As tradition dictates, Shay and Gavin will do the honors and prep and spit Agatha as well, also to show their little girl how fun it will be. Agatha is oiled up by all three family members and then spit up the ass slowly. She starts to orgasm but does not cum right away. Shay gives her husband the spit and pleasures herself on the counter as she watches. Once the spit is set in Agatha, Shay retires back to the counter to finger herself as Gavin gives Kassondra one last fuck. Kassondra begs her dad to spit her. Mommy is so proud and points out how tasty Kassondra will be as well as Agatha who is soon cleared from the counter. After all three family members orgasm, it is time to prep Kassondra. Mom and dad baste their girl well, commenting on how tasty each part will be. But Kasondra is still a little nervous. Shay starts to worry about her little girl and offers to take her place, but Kassondra says that she will go through with it. As she is spit up her tight little ass, Kassondra starts to cum, fully appreciating her place as meat in society.

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