Fantasy Island 2

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Category: Bound Beauties, Sacrifices, Tribal and Tiki themed Tales, Women As Food
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Length: 11:00 Minutes
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We return to Fantasy Island, also known as Temptation Island. Sizi Sev plays a gorgeous and ravenous tour guide on the famous Fantasy Island, where first world brats like spoiled but sexy Sablique Von Lux come to visit on vacation. Sablique is tired of the tour and complains about the conditions. Sizi assures the girl that there is a complimentary spa at the end of the tour, deep in the jungle. Sablique agrees to go along with the ‘ritual’ involved with the spa. Being a vapid woman of the modern world with no real anchor in her life, she is excited to learn about cultural fulfillment other than consumerism. Even the stranger aspects of the spa ritual, like being tied up, does not deter our red headed vixen from going along with the program. But as soon as she is tied, Sizi reveals to Sablique her true motives for this ritual. After all, the content supply of tourists to Fantasy Island is how Sizi gets to eat her favorite food! And tall, luscious Sablique is quite the treat.

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