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Category: Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Great Rumps, Monsters and Aliens, Sacrifices, Tribal and Tiki themed Tales, Women As Food
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(If you bought part one email me at delishmediafetish@gmail.com for a discount! I decided this would work better as a full video) In the times of tribal Germania, small kingdoms ruled the many sprawling territories of Gaul, consisting of pagans who worshiped a variety of gods, both hard and peaceful. It was a time of insatiability, uncertainty, mystery and heathen practices. Our tale takes place in the long house of the great and savage King Liam Lockran, cannibal warlord and ally to the barbaric Huns. Virgin Smari, (Sam the Slave) has been captured by Liam’s tribe, a girl of the peaceful Ruggi tribe. Innocent Smari faces an even crueler reality, the fact that her sister Jola, (Jolene Hexx) has joined with Liam and helped to destroy her own people. Jola, a strong virgin warrior, has become a great asset to her new people, and been manipulated by the cunning witch Gala. Liam waits in his hall as Jola returns successfully from leading the battle. His wife queen Tasia Lockran and witch priestess Gala rejoice as Smari sits crestfallen in her cage. Jola is now to participate in a deadly ritual that involves a boiling cauldron and a heathen feast. She shall be eaten and reborn from the pot, with a God in her belly. As time goes by, Jola grows with the god within her. She tries to convince her sister Smari to accept Liam and the gods of her new tribe. Smari refuses, begging Jola to see the light, but top no avail. But when the god comes, things take a dark and mystical turn for the ravenous, and our savage tale ends in a great feast over a roaring fire!

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