Halloween Spirit Part One

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Category: Featured, Great Rumps, Monsters and Aliens
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Length: 11:00 Minutes
Download Price: 10.99 USD
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It is Halloween night. Violet, Tasia and Liam are hanging out after a party. But the evening is still young and the moon is full, so they are determined to find something else to do before calling it a night. Violet, dressed as a witch, shows Tasia, who is a piggy for Halloween and Liam, who is dressed as a werewolf, a special box. This box was given to her by the eccentric and odd Mr. Gregor, and although these three friends know that they shouldn’t, they decide to open the box anyways. Sure enough what they find leads to a fantastical and dangerous game that becomes very real very fast! When magic spells start flying, Liam gets turned into a real and quite hungry werewolf, not to mention the fact that innocent objects in the room get turned into human-sized cooking devices! Can Liam overcome his ravenous appetite as he paws, licks and tastes his prey’s pussy and ass? Are the two damsels destined to be boiled and roasted ALIVE? Find out in part one!


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