Happy Father’s Day

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Category: Great Rumps, Livestock, POV, Sacrifices, Slaves Happy to Serve, Taboo, Tasty Feet, Women As Food
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Val Dodds is fresh from the market. Val is a beautiful and honey-sweet girl from a family who fell into debt and had to sell her. The girl meat market is a big industry, and Val was set at a high price to be purchased by another young girl named Luna, who wanted to surprise her dad for day with a succulent surprise. Luna explains to the nervous Val that her and her have done this before. Girl eating is a common practice in Luna’s household and it all started with her m0ther being  for the family many years ago. Luna undresses and inspects Val, who is still in her regular clothes, having been sold yesterday. The girl is still very much a person and did not have a chance at market to integrate with the other meat girls and become a creature. She is still feeling embarrassed and awkward, but Luna comforts the girl. After stripping and inspection, Val is taken to a warm bath where Luna scrubs her supple young curves and beautiful, lush, tan skin. To Val’s surprise, the thought of being meat to the lovely and gorgeous cannibal Luna thrills her. Val timidly asks Luna to join her in the bath. Luna happily joins her prey. The girls enjoy sharing each other’s tender bodies in passion. Val is brought to orgasm as Luna cleans her tasty cunt filet, tenderizing her well. The two vixens soap each other, discussing life in Luna’s household. Val is starting to relax, but when it comes time to complete the final preparations in the kitchen, Val becomes nervous again, especially when Luna talks about how much her will enjoy her flesh once Val is Val is after all a virgin. After Val’s delicious body is basted up, Val administers the meat thermometer in the girl’s tight little rump. Then it is time for the carrot, which will go in another place. However, Val protests, never having had anything in her pussy before. This is when Luna gags her meat girl with the apple and proceeds to pop her into the hot oven where she roasts for a good while before dad comes home and Luna presents her gift to him.

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