Her Last Day

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Category: On Sale!, Slaves Happy to Serve, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 33:00 Minutes
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It’s been Master Liam’s slave’s last week in his house. She is now on a strict diet of water to cleanse her but she get’s one last feeding. As tradition dictates, Master feeds her from his sex for her final meal. Now it is her last day. He has been preparing Tasia for her final day for months. She has been well trained, well fed, well sexed and is the perfect object for her lord to enjoy. Now he will make her his forever. This is what she wants. She is nervous, but wants to give her entire body and being to her master. The last day slave is taken through a final series of training by her master. She performs her tasks obediently. Good girl. Slave is tenderized by her master’s strikes. Then she is given one final inspection as master teases her with his knife, reminding her of her fate. There is a final goodbye as slave begs her master to end her. She is ready to be taken to the spit. She is thankful and honored. Soon, she is roasting away as Liam calls over a special freind, Paul Stack, to helps turn his girl over the flames. Tasia slowly cooks from the inside out and begs her master to let her orgasm as she is dispatched. He lets her, stuffing her with a cucumber to enhance the flavor of her sweet, tender vessel that she is giving to him. Then her is ready to feast on her lovely and crispy flesh.


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