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Category: Bound Beauties, Bountiful Breasts, Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Great Rumps, On Sale!, School Time, Tribal and Tiki themed Tales, Women As Food
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Length: 13:19 Minutes
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Three curious school girls, naughty Stephie Staar, shy Ashley Wolf and naive Kyra Rose, are excited to get out of class and get to the fairgrounds so that they can ride the Labbinac. Although Stephie and Ashley rode it last year…they cannot remember anything about the strange ride, other than the fact that they loved it. Stephie is chomping at the bit to ride again. Timid Ashley, who enjoyed the ride last year but has no recollection of it either, has an underlying dark feeling about the experience. Her instincts start to kick in as Count Gregor, the ring master of the odd funhouse, gives them their tickets and ushers them into a surreal alternate reality. But soon it is too late. The girls have their tickets and their fates are sealed to tap into the most wanton and savage aspects of their inner desires. They fall into a wild world of base voracious drive, the civilized world falling away as the spirit of the Labbinac takes control.

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