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Category: Bound Beauties, Fairytales and Fantasy, Featured, Punished!, Women As Food
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Length: 33:11 Minutes
Download Price: 19.99 USD
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It’s just an average day at the office for mild mannered Agatha as she works away at her desk. But suddenly on her laptop, she spies a very curious popup ad. Without thinking, the foolish secretary clicks on it and suddenly ends up in a mad, mad world. The unlucky damsel is greeted by a wicked Madder Hatter, (Liam Lockran), and his Chelsea Grinning, sexy little Cheshire Katt, (Tasia Lockran). Agatha finds herself loosing at cards with the off-center duo and suddenly being whisked to the  chamber by the two lunatics. Agatha cries and struggles as she is stripped, her pantyhose torn, her feet, breasts, legs exposed. She is strapped to the X and dehumanized, not even allowed to relieve her need to urinate in private. The real domination begins as Agatha is blind-folded and paddled and flogged. Then she is made to crawl on the ground like a pig as a piggy tail plug is placed where the sun don’t shine and a pair of piggy ears are placed on her sobbing head. She is make-fed pastries and prodded and poked as the crazy pair laughs and makes fun of their prey, calling her a filthy pig. Then Agatha is placed in the pan and basted all over, inside and out as she cried in pleasure and fear before being popped into a hot oven alive. The Madder Hatter and his Kitty Katt enjoy their Alice feast in this strange and kinky nightmare world.

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