Maid for the Kitchen

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Category: Punished!, Women As Food
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Length:  21:59 Minutes
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Agatha works for a well known cleaning company in town and has been sent to clean Marshall Bradford’s house. Agatha is not a very good maid, but Marshall decides she may be useful for a different purpose in his house. Marshall asks Agatha if she would like to try being his ‘kitchen maid’. Agatha is nervous and confused but goes along with the program, blushing as she is made to change in front of Marshall into a skimpy maid outfit. Agatha is mortified but does what she is told, exclaiming that the outfit is ‘so short!’, but obeying as she is told to put on a show fir Marshall, cleaning the counter butt-up. Agatha fails at this simple task, her nerves getting the best of her as she spills everything…and Marshall is obligated to administer a bit of discipline, and tenderizing. Marshall has had maids like this before..the kind that really suck at cleaning, even ‘sexy’ cleaning, but who on;y have one last purpose for him. Marshall enjoys women. He enjoys them so much that he will never fire a maid, but he WILL have to enjoy her in a different way is she has no skill set. Agatha finds herself being stripped by calm Marshall, who decides she will ‘cook’ for him. Agatha doe snot really understand until it is too late that SHE will be the one cooking! Agatha is basted up and stuffed with various vegetables; carrots and cucumber. Agatha’s rump is then skewered with the thermometer to assure she cooks up perfectly. After Agatha is roasted in the oven, Marshall has a little taste before his dinner party.

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