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Category: Slaves Happy to Serve, Spit Muffins, Taboo, Women As Food
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Length: 14:20 Minutes
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Katharine Cane belongs to a very special and secret club. She was initiated into it by her  who she loves and worships. This club has a tradition of sacrificing female members, for food, pleasure and various erotic utilities. Katharine and her sister got to watch their m0ther get spit roasted alive. It has been Katharine’s secret wish to go the same way as her mom, even though it also makes her nervous. When Katharine’s number finally gets called, she is summoned by a bodyguard and taken to the club house where members watch her present herself and thank her for this opportunity. Despite her nerves, Katharine’s pussy moistens as Princess Mike rubs coconut oil into the young girl’s flesh to ready her for the spit. Princess revels in this preparation, making sure that the girl orgasms plenty of times before Uncle Mega shoves the spit up Katharine’s pussy and out her mouth. Katharine still bucks and squirts and oozes on the spit, riding it in pleasure as many times as she can before she expires.

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