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Category: BBW, Bound Beauties, Bountiful Breasts, Fairytales and Fantasy, Monsters and Aliens, Women As Food
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Length: 20:27 Minutes
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Paradise Heart falls one day reading fairy tails about hard, hungry ogres and trolls. When she awakens, she finds herself in a dark cave with a big, mean ogre! The ogre is none other than Funnybone the Ogre and he is hungry! He also has bratty Alexis Blaze in his cage watching helplessly as he grabs his new victim. SUPER busty Paradise can only cry and sob in fear and confusion as the troll fondles her all over, excited to have this super juicy meal for his supper. He decides to tenderize his prey first by thrusting his ogre cock into Paradise’s virgin pussy. The innocent bbw cannot help being turned on and dripping wet as she is slowly turned into a complaint meat girl and accepts her fate. Funnybone cums so hard that he impales the sexy Islander girl with his cock. This inspires him to spit roast her for supper. Funnybone enjoys his meal but bratty Alexis wont stop complaining from her cage. Funnybone decides that is is high time to have the bratty Alexis for dessert. He has had her ling enough in the cage, feeding her and saving her for a special feast. There is not better time to have her. After all, Island girl for dinner is great with seasoned white girl for dessert.


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7 months ago

I love it, and love the chubbs that Alexis Blaze has, but I would have loved to be shown more of her private parts. As for Paradise Heart, she is jut sexy as usual. Sad we didn’t get more videos of her :p

Last edited 7 months ago by icefrosty_bill
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