Once a month

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Category: Bound Beauties, Great Rumps, Women As Food
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Length: 15:30 Minutes
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Shay Rivers has been besties with here girlfriend Alex Coal. They have lived on the same block forever. But Shay Rivers happens to be part of a family with a taste for young ladies, and not only in the aesthetic and sensual sense, but in the literal sense as well. Shay’s family has a family secret. And once a month, Shay’s family has a special feast of girl flesh, unbeknownst to the rest of the neighborhood. Shay knows that her folks have had her their eyes on her best freind Alex, who has grown into quite the delicious young morsel. But Shay and Alex have, as they have grown up together, grown intimate with each other as well. But Shay’s family have found out now, and Shay has to break it to her freind that her punishment is to prepare Alex for their monthly feast of girl flesh. Alex is defiant and annoyed but also loves Shay and decides to go along with the preparation, not certain of the extend of the ordeal until she is tied up and squirming. Jolene Hexx, Shay’s big sister, comes in and is delighted to see what is happening. She had a feeling that there was funny business going on between her sister and Alex and she taunts both girls as she helps prepare the bratty little roast. As Alex roasts in the oven, the girls wait for mom and dad to come home. It will be a family feast that will be remembered for a long time.

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