Rent Free Part One

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When Christy Cutie and Paige Pierce apply to rent a room in Ms. Carmen’s house, the landlady is a little iffy about letting them share a room for the same price. But after some negotiation, the two college girls convince Carmen to allow them to rent, however the price is still a little high for them. But Ms. Carmen Valentina, owner of Valentina Catering, offers to put them both to work for her catering company in exchange for rent. Paige is excited. Everyone knows that Valentina Catering is the best in town and that Ms. Carmen makes a great pork loin for large parties, using the tenderest and meatiest cuts. Valentina Catering is a household word…but Christy is not too keen working around meat, being a vegetarian. But Carmen likes these two young, hopeful girls, and offers to have Christy simply do chores in the house while Paige helps out with the catering company. All seems well. But the girls start to notice some odd things about Ms. Carmen, who outwardly is the picture of a champion citizen and local business owner. The girls do not pay it much mind, but there is an underlying uneasiness. Christy stays busy with the chores, and Paige stays busy with prepping dishes, both girls struggling to do all their homework and fit in class with their new jobs taking up much of their time. Paige notices that the ham Carmen uses is VERY tender, and finds herself sneaking the unusually delicious meat here and there while the boss is not looking. However, Carmen has noticed. And indeed, Carmen is NOT what she seems. Both girls learn this the hard way, but of course, poor Christy is the most vulnerable..being the vegetarian and therefore the lowest on the food chain in the house. The end of part one provides a sensual and kinky bounty of preparation, petting, oiling, spanking and delightful bondage that ends in a hot oven! Be sure to check out part two coming soon!

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