Rump Resort

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Category: Bound Beauties, Bountiful Breasts, Damsel in Distress, Great Rumps, thicc, W.E. themed, Women As Food
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Length: 10:00 Minutes
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Tokyo Lynn and Nadia White have been living it up at an exclusive resort. The service is amazing and they have been pampered and massaged over the last few weeks. This resort is almost too good to be true for what they paid. Both girls notice their booties have gotten bigger from all the luxurious food and relaxation. The vacation has been great and has really softened and relaxed them both. They also have gotten to know some of the others at the resort, who all seem to be sexy and curvy women like themselves. Tokyo thinks it’s odd though that one of the other girls who was at the resort suddenly left without saying goodbye. Nadia concurs that this is odd, and mentions that the girl’s stuff is all still there. Why would she leave her things behind? It’s a little strange, but Tokyo and Nadia don’t give it too much thought when they start to chat about how cute the resort guide is; how he is always salivating when he looks at them. He must wanna fuck them both. This thought makes Nadia smile as she dozes off. But when Nadia wakes up she suddenly hears Tokyo crying from the resort kitchen. Nadia runs to her aid and is shocked to find Tokyo restrained and naked in a pan! Like a turkey! Tokyo is frantic, claiming that she thinks the resort is run by people eaters! Nadia starts to untie her only to be stopped by the tour guide, who walks in on her. Nadia smiles at the silent man, who watches her from your point of view as he instructs her to undress. Nadia refuses but finally  does what she is told, removing her bikini and embarrassed and humiliated. Then Nadia is made to endure the same fate as Tokyo as they are both prepped and carrot stuffed for dinner. Because this resort is indeed run by people who love to eat women. Our tale ends with both bootilicious beauties baking in the oven.

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