Samhain Afterparty

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Category: Fairytales and Fantasy, Great Rumps, Women As Food
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Length: 19:43 Minutes
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Lex has been Gypsy’s girlfriend for a while now, open minded to the fact that Gypsy is a witch. On Halloween, the couple celebrates the holiday like most mortals, but the next day, Gypsy has a special after party planned for herself, her witch coven, and Lex. Lex is to be the guest of honor. Lex is excited but shows a bit of apprehension as Gypsy becomes more and more intense about the idea of Lex going to the party. Gypsy goes from sensual to downright ravenous as she licks Lex with her long, witchy pierced tongue. Things go from kinky to crazy as Gypsy brings strips Lex, brings her to the kitchen, lays her down on the counter and starts to like and nibble at her luscious body. As Lex starts to get freaked out, Gypsy casts a spell on the girl, rendering her helpless to escape but aware of her predicament. Gypsy reveals that she is going to cook and eat Lex and that Lex will be the main course at her party. Gypsy bastes and toys with Lex, eventually sticking a large thermometer in Lex’s rump before popping her into the oven. After Lex is cooked, Gypsy serves her on the counter, taking a little nibble before the witches arrive.

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