Sitting for Sophie: Anastasia Rose

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Category: Bountiful Breasts, Damsel in Distress, Great Rumps, Monsters and Aliens, Tasty Feet, VORE Swallowing Whole, Women As Food
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Length: 10:00 Minutes
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Agatha asked Anastasia to plant sit for her. Anastasia agrees, but confides to her bestie on the phone that she thinks it is weird for someone to need a plant sitter, let alone name the plant ‘Sophie’. But when Anastasia sees this plant, she is shocked. It is HUGE. She has never seen such a huge plant in her entire young life. The sexy little redhead falls on the bed while she plant sits. Suddenly, Sophie starts to make noises and come to life. Anastasia is unaware of this as she is entwined by vines. The vines rip off her clothes and caress her, but it is not until Anastasia opens her eyes that she sees the giant plant growling, drooling and pulling her forward. She shrieks in disbelief. Then she begs the plant not to eat her. But her cries of terror are ignored as Sophie sucks her in, ripping off her remaining bra and panties with her powerful vines and slurping the wiggling girl up. Anastasia kicks, wiggles and moans as she is slowly swallowed. Then, Anastasia finds herself in the belly of the plant surrounded by the pink walls of the plant’s stomach. Sounds of digestion can be heard as Anastasia struggles and wiggles, monologuing about how scary yet…good it feels. It is warm and wet and something about the plant’s belly relaxes her. Anastasia soon finds herself orgasming inside the plant. Meanwhile, Agatha comes in and pets her plant. Anastasia’s job was to feed Agatha’s pet all along.

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