Sizi Stew

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Category: Fairytales and Fantasy, Great Rumps, On Sale!, Women As Food
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Length: 13:28 Minutes
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Innocent Sizi had been curious if the girl next door is really a witch. Sizi has heard a lot of rumors, but wanted to see for herself. Before she knew it, Siz was caught by Sablique, the mysterious woman next door, and is now learning the truth about her odd neighbor. Sablique now has Sizi in chains as her plaything and soon decides that Sizi will make a very tasty dinner. After all, she can’t let Sizi go off and tell people that Sablique really is an actual witch.. Sablique then casts a spell on Sizi, who can only now do what she is told, even though she is aware of everything happening and is VERY afraid. The sexy witch strips her prey and decides to not only teach Sizi a lesson with a good spanking, but to also tenderize her tasty rump. Sizi is well spanked and then prepped for the pot to be boiled alive! But Sablique will of course have to take the girl’s temperature to make sure she cooks right. Poor little Sizi has never had anything like that in her butt before and is petrified and frantic but can do nothing as she is buttered up with fat from the witch’s last victim and cooked for dinner. The witch takes a taste of her coup when it is done, relishing in Sizi’s delicious flavor.

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