Sorority Spitroast

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Category: Bound Beauties, On Sale!, POV, Sacrifices, School Time, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 20:00 Minutes
Download Price: 12.99 USD
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Alexis Blake has been a bad student at a very strict boarding school with unconventional practices. She has been called to the kitchen by Mistress Agatha to discover what her punishment is. From Agatha’s POV, we watch as it slowly dawns on Alexis what her fate is going to be. First, Agatha makes the student to strip and makes her to orgasm…to loosen her up for her ‘punishment’. Once cum in Alexis is nice and docile from her orgasm, Agatha ties her up. Now Alexis starts to learn that Agatha plans on spit roasting her for the student body to feed upon since Alexis is quite useless as a student. Agatha teases and taunts Alexis, pointing out how much tastier she is than smart. Agatha is doing the world a favor by ridding it of stupidity and feeding people at the same time. Alexis cums again when she is STUFFED with veggies and basted and seasoned. lexis is BRANDED by Agatha. A large thermometer is placed in her rump as she is roasted over the flames with a large cucumber in her pussy until she is ready to feed her piers with her own flesh.


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