Spit Sisters

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Category: Great Rumps, Sacrifices, Slaves Happy to Serve, Spit Muffins, Women As Food
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Length: 14:52 Minutes
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Riley and Stephie are sisters. They live in a town where women have to enter a lottery. If your number comes up, you must be sacrificed for the people of the city, your body used for various sport before you are dispatched forever and enjoyed one last time as meat after your body has been used for other pleasures. If you are lucky, you can get drafted by club Exx if your number comes up, an elite dining club where women drafted are spit roasted alive and eaten by the members of the club. When Riley gets her letter, she is surprised and nervous. She is AFRAID, but ready to fulfill her duty as a spit muffin. Stephie tries to comfort her sis. Both are shocked since so many in their family have been called. But the bright side is, Riley is being told to report to Club Exx. Stephie goes with her big sister to be supportive. It just so happens that Dr. Bradford is their dispatcher, the same doc who was their doctor growing up. He remember when they weer little and is amazed at how much they have grown. Marshall is firm but understanding of Riley’s nerves. He assures her that he is a expert dispatcher and that she will be impaled with the spit to roast over a fire, but that he will do it in a way that makes her go slowly and orgasm several times before her end. Stephie is happy to help and also comforts her sister. Riley is embarrassed as the doc strips her in front of her sister and this makes Stephie giggle. She is impressed with how well her big sis has developed. Riley is hesitant but lets the doctor undress her. Then it is time for the spit. Both sisters are very excited that mom and Dad will be at the feast. Their parents are part of club Exx and will get to have some of Riley. Stephie helps prep her sister and get her basted and ready. She wants to make her sister cum and Riley is ok with it even if it makes her a little bashful. Riley is playfully gagged as she gets into the preparation and orgasms for the first time. Then it is time for the spit to go in. Doctor Bradford slowly guides it into Riley’s pussy. Riley breaths and starts to feel the intense pressure of the spit and the jolt as is pierces her innards. Riley orgasms over and over as she starts to expire, guided by the skillful doctor. Then it is time for Riley to roast on the oven. Stephie’s delicious body cooks well as she becomes a perfect dish. Shortly before the gathering, Stephie and the Doctor place cooked Riley on the platter, apple gagged and presented beautifully for the part that will arrive. Stephie will miss her sister, but she is also excited to finally get to taste her.


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