The Maidens and the Ass Troll Part Two

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As Noah is prepared, the troll demands that Alexa, his reluctant sous chef, stuffs Noah’s tight little virgin anus with huge veggies. Noah gasps as she stares at the pile of carrots, cucumbers and potatoes. She cannot believe she will be stuffed just like a rump roast! Alexa starts to enjoy stuffing her friend’s ass and comments on how tasty she looks. At first, Alexa wants to do a good job and actually gets into preparing her tasty friend. Maybe if she does a good job the troll will let her go. But at the same time, deep down, Alexa is wondering how it would feel to be in Noah’s position. Soon Noah starts to succumb o her fate as her ass is filled. The troll unties Noah and places both girls on the prep table. They are afraid, but starting to submit well. The wise old troll knows the way humans think and how to break them. They have nowhere to run. They are at his mercy. Noah now stuff Alexa’s ass with tons of veggies, filling her hole with TWO AT A TIME in her tight butt. The troll then stuffs the girls with even more veggies, seasoning and preparing their tender, meaty rumps as they moan in fear and pleasure. Then The troll ponders how he will cook them. He decides to have a spit roast AND an oven roast with these two lovelies. Some tender, spit roasted, beautiful, delicious dark meat and a delicate white lamb for the oven. After the troll impales Noah with the spit and toasts her over the fire, he gets to work on finishing preparing Alexa, stuffing her slutty butt with even MORE veggies as she moans and sobs and squirms like a good girl. Soon she too is roasting away, golden and juicy in the oven. This tale does have a happy ending….for the troll as a lovely feast of dark and light girl meat is laid out before him and he digs in!

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